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 I  encourage you to subscribe to my blog so you can read updates to this blog through your email. The blog always has announcements and news about upcoming meetings of the Intimacies Discussion Group at BookPeople—and MUCH MORE:  You’ll get to read comments and questions about  matters pertaining to “Intimacies” that are great for provoking new thoughts, conversation and behavior. There may even be some video messages.

To subscribe, just enter your email address in the form field on the right side of You’ll spot it a couple of inches below my photograph.

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Alternately, if you don’t want to get email update everytime I update the blog, but you would like to get ONLY announcements about the meetings at BookPeople, you can join the Yahoogroup to get those email reminders. Reminders are sent 10 days and 1 day in advance of the event. To sign up for that, look for the purple button below the blog subsubscription form.

I hope you’ll spurn the Yahoogroup in favor of signing up for the juicier blog subscription. In any case, I hope to see you Sept 17 at BookPeople, when we’ll be talking about “Risky Love.”