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FREE Articles on Intimacies

Ever wonder how other people find and sustain loving, intimate relationships? Get an inside view through the writings by Karen Kreps.  Read her essays about Intimacies for free online or buy the book (available from the right side of each page) to have an illustrated collection in hard copy.

Here are three especially for Valentine’s Day:

Ditch Mr. Lonely, you deserve a love that’s better

Love will cool if Cupid’s arrow finds its mark but once a year

When Valentines are expected, rise to the demands of romance

Meeting eye to eye may seen as invitation to romance

Massage can enhance love if you let your heart be touched

Why do people want to have sex? For reasons varied and complex

How to learn to be a lover? Experiment and communicate

Friends with benefits—just the perks without the ties

It’s a shame, shame, shame how we feel shame about sex

Why eat an apple a day, when sex may keep the doctor away?

Overcome complacency, revolutionize your sexual outlook

Whose duty is it to do what when sexual desire dims?

The mysteries of age meet the mysteries of sexuality

Singles or doubles, it’s good just to be in the game