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77101 Hwy 71 W #200
Austin, Texas 78735

Intimacies: Secrets of Love, Sex & Romance
Karen Kreps
Net Ingenuity Publishing (2007)
ISBN 9780979789007

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/08)

Having been happily married for ten years, Karen Kreps has written a book about how to have successful relationships. She has experienced both sides of the coin. She has had her heart broken in unfulfilling relationships, and now she is experiencing a wonderful marriage. Accepting the opportunity to write a monthly relationship column, she also got to host a monthly Intimacies Conversation Group in Austin, TX. This group attracted people from a variety of backgrounds and ages. Each month there was a specific topic and a special guest to provide their expertise.

“Intimacies” is a collection of articles that were written based upon information that was gathered from these meetings. They might include personal observations and experiences, professional advice and information about human behavior and current trends.

In the table of contents there are symbols for each article to indicate who the topics would be most relevant to. Even if I wasn’t reviewing the book, I still would have read all the articles, just because they provide a wealth of information about human behavior. I also loved the personal stories and reflections. They are touching and heartwarming. Kreps husband, Arye Shapiro illustrates her book with photographs of sculptures that he has created. These sculptures are beautiful and reflect depth and emotion.

“Intimacies” is well written and does not provide a “one size fits all” formula. Kreps writes about what works for different people. One example of this is her discussion of non-monogamy. For some people this works. Even though I would not be interested in a polyamorous relationship, it is interesting to read the views of people for whom it works. Kreps doesn’t leave any subject regarding relationships untouched, however, she writes in a manner that is respectful and not crude. I love that the last chapter is about “The Law of Attraction.” This adds a special spiritual touch to the book and provides a perfect ending. I highly recommend “Intimacies” to all people who are either in a relationship or would like to be.

Between these covers, find secrets to great relationships! Buy the book now and learn about love.

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