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The Good Life columnist Karen Kreps, for seven years, entertained some twenty to forty adults and her special guests with monthly conversations about relationships. Karen is the author of Intimacies: Secrets of Love, Sex & Romance.

The Intimacies Group met at BookPeople in Austin, TX. Audience members were be encouraged to share their personal experiences. No charge, some twenty to forty people just showed up with  their sense of humor and open minds.

This event was co-sponsored by The Good Life magazine and BookPeople.

Join Good Life columnist Karen Kreps for converations on life, sex and relationships. Every month at Book People.

Since February 2002 until the magazine went out of business January 2009, Karen Kreps has written monthly commentary on sex, love, and intimacies for the The Good Life magazine, a monthly consumer lifestyle magazine distributed for free in over 400 locations in Austin.
Karen is the author of Intimacies: Secrets of Love, Sex & Romance. Visit her blog.

Press Coverage

Watch the video from K-EYE TV in Austin. It was broadcast on January
21, 2004.

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Between these covers, find secrets to great relationships! Buy the book now and learn about love.

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