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Sexerati Interviews Us about Sex Ed Online

Here at SXSW09 Interactive, Melisssa Giri interviewed Karen Rayne and myself about the Core Conversation  we’ll be hosting 5 pm in room 19B at the Austin Convention Center.

Here’s a bit of what I said to Melissa: “The Internet is creating a paradigm shift in traditional sex ed. It throws open the window on sexuality and intimacy, democratizing access to new levels of understanding and skill. Just a few generations ago, the ancient teachings of Tantra Yoga were secrets shared only with select initiates. Now all one have to do is Google it to learn. The Internet has spread new Sex Positive concepts and provided in-depth discussions of polyamory. We are no longer limited to only knowing what Mommy and Daddy knew and told us about the birds and the bees or books we could find and read in private. We can learn about how other people make love, broaden our experience from the safety of our homes without risk, and adapt as much as we please in our personal lives.”

Read more at Melissa’s blog.

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