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“Intimacies” Group switcheroos

The “Intimacies” Group that normally meets at BookPeople on the Third Weds of each month, is going to have some surprise changes for the next few months.

This month, we meet Weds Sept 17 to talk about Risky Love, but my special guest will be Kelly Ann Burnett, LMSW. She will be taking the place of Annette del Canto, who was originally scheduled. Annette has to be out of town for a family emergency, but the talk will go on with her colleauge, Kelly Ann Burnett, who specializes in
(1) increasing assertive communication (which often leads to vulnerability/risk taking, which in turn often leads to growth within the relationship); and (2) increased self awareness of reasons for avoidance of emotional risk taking and a subsequent choice to take the risk or not (with a focus on increased self understanding, even if the risk is not taken.)

In October, BookPeople has asked us to alter our regular schedule. We’ll meet THURSDAY, Oct 16, and Frank Butterfield will be my special guest for a discussion of Attracting Love. Frank is a channel and intuitive who coaches clients and groups on harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction.

In November, we’ll meet on the second Wednesday, not the Third. On Nov 12, please join Gayle Michaels of the Institute of Sexual Wisdom and me for a discussion about how to keep your sexual energy strong.

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