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How to kiss

    My book has a chapter,”Sweet are the memories of the lips that first kissed ours.” Here’s an excerpt:

    “When performed well and received with pleasure, kissing signals our brains to produce the hormone oxytocin, an antidepressive agent that boosts feelings of affection and promotes caretaking behavior.

    “The best kind of kiss is shared with someone you really care about, but just the act of kissing can stimulate emotions
    and may bring you closer together. Passionate kisses may be savory, sweet or spicy. Dig in and enjoy.”

    I found this kissing tutorial on, and thought that the A/V instruction was charming.

One Response to How to kiss

  • Gayle Michaels says:

    When I was in high school they called love bites “hickeys.”

    I don’t think I ever got one, but I wrote a poem about it one time.
    It started out like this: “Due to the strange shape of his lips he could put heart shaped hickeys on my butt cheeks.”

    That was a cute video, but they forgot to tell people to be sure and brush their tongue when they are brushing their teeth. Yes it will make you gag at first, but you get used to it. Eventually you can brush your tongue further and further back. Brushing the tongue is the single most important thing anyone can do to combat bad breath. It removes the bacteria that causes bad breath from the tongue. It is rude to kiss someone without brushing your tongue first, in my opinion.


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