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Please Comment about Intimacies

Last night I sent an email blast of announcements to as many people as I decently could, announcing the book, Intimacies, Secrets of Love, Sex & Romance. Some of you may be reading this in response to one of those announcements. I appreciate all the congratulations I received in email replies. But what I really want is for you to please comment here, in reply to this or any other post on the Intimacies Discussion Blog. You can leave your reply below.

What do you think of the book concept? Who would be interested in having a copy? Why? How do you think this blog ought best to used? What topics interest you most?


One Response to Please Comment about Intimacies

  • egil461199 says:

    Your book is terrific! It has so many helpful insights. I just finished it and am very impressed by your astute sense of romance. You are truly a wise woman. The advice is so sweetly given and inspired, that the work seems like a karmic deed.

Between these covers, find secrets to great relationships! Buy the book now and learn about love.

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